Disney World Revisited

Earlier this year (late Jan./early Feb.), I (McKay) took our eldest children (Ann Ferris and Schaeffer) to Disney World. It was a bit cool, but a GREAT time to be there, since the lines were short to nothin’. Below are a few of the over 100 pictures we took during the week…

Geyser Falls Water Park!

The Castons spent this past Saturday at Geyser Falls Water Park in Philadelphia, MS, celebrating Walker Coleman’s 9th birthday. Below is some of the action…

Sarah Wynn Gets Tonsils Out

Sarah Wynn is in her 11th day of tonsillectomy recovery. We want to to thank Dr. Mont Berry in Tupleo, MS, for his skill and kindness, and Rina and Joey Hamilton for their hospitality. Below is Sarah Wynn in pre-op… And in post-op. While Sarah Wynn was in the back asleep, Ann Ferris redeemed the…

Horse Show in Murfreesboro, TN

This summer we joined the Coleman family for our first ever Tennessee Walking Horse Show, which took place in Murfreesboro, TN. Here are some highlights… A photo op with Madeleine Coleman. The line up. A front row view for Sarah Wynn. Amy Coleman, Sarah Wynn and Kristy

Monteagle- June 2007

In June, the Caston Crew enjoyed our annual two-week retreat to Monteagle, TN. Here are some pics… Schaeffer catching crawdads in the creek by the Troll Bridge. With frinds on a picnic. With the kids at Warren’s Point. At the “sock hop” Ann Ferris and friends. Hosting a “progressive supper” on the front porch. Sarah…

Monteagle June ’07

This June the Caston Crew enjoyed our annual two week summer retreat to Monteagle, TN.

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