Replaying the Revolution

In these pictures from last week, Schaeffer was “re-enacting” the Revolution in our backyard. By the way, in case you can’t see them, the Red Coats are charging up the hill. :0) BONUS: This morning just before sunrise there were four big deer feeding in our backyard. I’ve got to find my bow. ;0)

Quote by John Owen

Concerning sanctification:“The duties God requires of us are not in proportion to the strength we possess in ourselves. Rather, they are proportional to the resources available to us in Christ. We do not have the ability in ourselves to accomplish the least of God’s tasks. This is the law of grace. When we recognize it…

Ann Ferris at Work and Play

Here are two pictures of Ann Ferris. The first is AFC doing schoolwork and in the second she is on her way to pick up some friends to go to a “Game Night” to play pictionary, scategories, Conga, etc. (And with book in hand as always!) Teaser: FYI- Today we went to a pumpkin and…

A Caston Classic- Schaeffer Loses First Tooth

Occasionally, we will be posting “Caston Classics,” old, but fun pictures that we didn’t get to post in our pre-blogging days. Here Schaeffer loses his first tooth, c. 2004. We apologize if the sight of blood makes you squeemish.

Jumping for Joy

Today was the perfect fall day in drought plagued Georgia (please pray for rain!). So the kids went outside and enjoyed jumping on the trampoline.

Sarah Wynn’s Room

Sarah Wynn is back in action. Take a look at her room. She is in the center of the photo playing under her table with stuffed animals that are not in view.

Sarah Wynn’s Stitches Finally Out

As some of you know, Sarah Wynn’s stitches did not dissolve as they were supposed to (If you aren’t in the loop, SW accidentally got hit in the face by a PVC bat 4 weeks ago at a church picnic). Back to the story: since the stitches were embedded in the scab on her face,…

Monteagle, TN, Oct. 18-21

Okay, we’re back, and simply put, Monteagle is our favorite place on earth. We enjoyed three nights at the Burris Ministerial Cottage, which was fantastic– has an UNREAL screened in porch! Here are some pics from our weekend. Schaeffer on the horse swing. Schaeffer and Sarah Wynn looking down toward the creek. Schaeffer pushing Sarah…

Monteagle for the Weekend

We’ll be in Monteagle, TN, this weekend to hang out on the mountain and for me to preach on Sunday. For the first time, we will be staying in the Minister’s Cottage rather than The McKay Cottage, which is under construction (adding a sun porch and renovating the kitchen). The Minister’s Cottage has three BR…

Pottery Day

Last Friday we took the kids to Out of the Box Art Studio to paint pottery mugs and Christmas ornaments. A good time was had by all.

Music Wednesday

On Wednesdays at Perimeter, Ann Ferris takes piano and Schaeffer takes guitar. We plan to have Sarah Wynn learn the drums so that we can have a full worship team in place when we church plant. :0) I (McKay) have been inspired to get my own guitar back out, as Perimeter has many outstanding musicians…

Hiking in the Woods Behind the House

Today Schaeffer and I explored the woods and hills behind our house, a forest which extends about 3 miles back (deer, racoons, coyottes, etc). We discovered a creek fed by an underground natural spring and a deer bedding ground. Pretty cool. This morning in our backyard we saw an big 8-point buck and a nice…