“My Family” by Sarah Wynn

Tonight Sarah Wynn drew a masterpiece of her family. From left to right: Brother, Sissy, Sarah Wynn, Mommy and “my puppy dog, Gracie.” The big circle in the middle with the eyebrows is Daddy.

Backyard Foliage

Although the foliage is “past peak” at our house, the colors are still quite brilliant. I’ve tried to capture a bit of it here. Sarah Wynn making a face at Daddy,who is taking her picture from the kitchen window. The photos doesn’t do the array of color justice. Our dog, Gracie, is the black spot…

Drive Through N. Georgia Mountains

This past Sunday afternoon, we took a casual drive through the mountains of north Georgia (with peaks over 4,500 ft.). The foliage (yellow poplars, southern red oaks, red maples and sourwoods) was spectacular, even if about one week past peak (most trees still had leaves with man fire red and bright orange). Along the way,…

Soup and Smores Night at the Hightowers

On Saturday night we were treated to an evening of soup, smores, hot chocolate and lots of other fun stuff at the Hightower’s home, along with the Trumps. You will notice that our kids had a great time with the others (all of whom are in our homeschool co-op which meets on Mondays and is…

Daddy Lunch

Recently, Sarah Wynn and and I (McKay) were out for some Daddy time. On our way back home, she talked me into dropping by Chick-Fil-A for some gourmet nuggets and waffle fries (with chocolate milk no less!). How could I turn down that Q-T-Pie? :0)

Atlanta Skyline at Night

Check out this photo of downtown Atlanta at night. The skyline is actually much larger (or longer, as the buildings continue for several miles north into Buckhead), but this provides a fairly dramatic view.

The Atlanta Ballet- Peter Pan

On Sunday evening, Oct. 28, was “Girls Night Out,” as Kristy and Ann Ferris joined (old Tupleo friends who now live in Atlanta) Jennifer Johnson and her daughter, Lizzy, for an evening at the Ballet (Peter Pan). They ate at a really good Italian dinner and then went to the famous Fox Theater. Here are…

Before and After, or Morning and Evening

I couldn’t resist posting this. Sarah Wynn fell asleep reading (ie, looking at) her Jesus Stories book. The next morning I walked into her room to find her having her morning devotions right where she left off. :0)

Fall Festival

On Wednesday, Oct. 31, we went to the Fall Festival at First Redeemer Church near our home. We kept a very close eye on Sarah Wynn. The last time we hung out around inflatables, well, you know. Winning candy- just what we need… Sarah Wynn and Daddy in front of the giant baloon spider (native…