Not Much Blogging This Week

I will not be able to make many, if any, posts this week. Check back this weekend for more Caston Chronicles, including the kids beginning tennis lessons this week, Schaeffer getting ready for spring soccer, and hopefully pics from Friday night’s Father-Daughter Dance.

Ann Ferris’ Winter Piano Recital

Today Ann Ferris performed beautifully at her winter piano recital, under the direction of her instructor, Mark Salcedo. Her piece was Hero’s Dance by Ronald Bennet. Though you can’t see it all in this picture, Ann Ferris is playing on a 9 foot grand that costs about 100 grand! Enjoy the video.

Vist from Pohls

Stacy and Craig Pohl (with children, Karis and Aimee) joined us for supper on Tuesday of this week. They are on HMA (Home Mission Assignment) from Equador, where Craig serves with the PCA’s Mission to the World! Craig was a leader in the singles group that I led when I was a seminary student working…

Field Trip To Cobb Center

On Wednesday, Kristy took the “big two” to a special stage presentation of “Teddy Roosevelt” at the Cobb Energy Center. Having just studied his life last week, the performance was perfect timing.

Sarh Wynn’s First Snow

Here are some pics of Sarah Wynn’s first snow from this past week. By the time we took the photos most of the snow had melted. But you get the idea. Georgia snow. Finger lickin’ good! “Daddy, snow is good food.” “If you’re cute and you know it, stand in snow…”

More Snow!

This morning it began to snow again, and continued all day. City events and even worship services have all been canceled for tomorrow. We’ve got wood for the fire, hot chocolate to drink and the NFC/AFC championships to watch. Sounds like the ultimate PJ day! :0) Ann Ferris and Schaeffer played on the trampoline covered…

Classical Conversations Going Strong Again

Classical Conversations, our home-school coop, has cranked back up for the spring semester. Maybe we should call it the winter quarter, since we got snow last week and are expecting up to 7 inches tonight. Of course, being from Mississippi, we are used to false alarms when it comes to snow. We’ll let you know…

Winter Wonderland- Snow in N. Georgia

Last night we got a surprise when it began to snow… and snow… and snow. Eventually, about 2 inches fell. Not the 5 feet that my mother has in Idaho, but we’ll take it! Check out that snowball… or, snow boulder!

Deer everywhere: side yard, backyard and frontyard

Recently, the deer have begun to feel very comfortable hanging out around the house. On many days, I open the back door up or come home to find several smallish deer waiting for me. Ann Ferris and Schaefer went exploring a while back and found a really cool rippling creek about 40 yards behind the…

Sarah Wynn’s Birthday- She’s 4!

Sarah Wynn turned 4 yesterday, Saturday, January 12. She is special for many reasons. One is that, as many of you know, we lost a son, Thomas Wilson, on January 9, 2002. We find it providential that the Lord gave us Sarah Wynn the same calendar week we said good-bye to Thomas. So with the…

GPS Required

After getting lost countless times, we are among the many Atlantans who have discovered that a auto GPS (Global Positioning System) is a requirement for driving in the megalopolis of Atlanta. Today we went over to Woodstock (GA, not NY!), about 35 miles West, N’west of our house. We NEVER would have made it without…