Kristy on Women’s Retreat

Kristy left us today around 1:30 for a weekend retreat at Callaway Gardens with women from Perimeter (our church). She has a very fun crew to hang out with (many of the wives from our home group are going and rooming together). So I’ve got the chilluns for the weekend, which means take-out city! :0)…

Memphis Tigers

After a great evening with friends, we went home to watch Memphis lose a heart-breaker to Tennessee. Memphis is my birthplace and childhood stompin’ ground— I used to go to Tiger games back in the 80s when they were top ranked and had players like Baskerville Holmes, William Bedford, Keith Lee, Bobby Parks, Andre Turner…

Hanging at the Lee’s Home

Saturday night Kristy, the kids and I enjoyed a cookout at Amy and Brian Lee’s home. The highlight had to be playing Wii using a projector and big screen.

Dinner with Friends

Tonight we enjoyed supper at the home of Brittany and Joe McDonald. Here is a pic of the kids posing in front of the fireplace and of Sarah Wynn with buddy, Gillian.

Elachee Nature & Science Center

Today I took the “big two” to the Elachee Nature and Science Center for a class with about ten other families to learn how to read topographical maps and use a compass for hiking navigation. I was in Schaeffer’s group. Thus, the pics on the trail (and often off of the trail) are of him…

Reading on the Trampoline

Today Ann Ferris took advantage of a rare, warm Saturday in February to read on the trampoline in the backyard. Tonight Mom and Dad are going Ballroom dancing for Valentine’s Day, Part 2!

Valentines Day

Here is a picture of our family Valentines Day Breakfast. This is a big deal at our house, since i is a great opportunity to remember the love of Jesus for us. We read John 4:7-12, and discussed how the love of the Father is most clearly seen in the propitiation (absorbing of justice/atoning sacrifice)…

Party at Cici’s

We joined some friends for another birthday party at a new Cici’s in Cumming, GA, on Saturday night. This is the kid’s table.

Ann Ferris’ 12th B’day Party

On Friday we held Ann Ferris’ belated 12th b’day party at our house. The girls from her Classical Conversations class joined us for the festivities. We played LOTS of fun games, ate LOTS of junk food and watched a LITTLE of Anne of Green Gables. Kristy’s “from scratch” b’day cake! Having fun after Guesstures and…

Old Pics Unearthed

Here are a few pics that my cousin from California unearthed and sent to me this week. These are from days on the mountain in Monteagle, TN, when I was around 9 years old. Wow, how time flies. And for those of you who know my son, Schaeffer, you may notice a resemblance. :0)

Super Bowl Party

The Castons are celebrating the Eli-led NY Giants 17-14 victory over the NE Patriots. We began the evening with a group of friends at Julie and Chri Melendez’s home. At the end of the 3rd quarter we headed home just in time for the “fantastic finish.” Here are a few pics from the evening. Eli…

Father-Daughter Dance

Friday night, after I drove in from a church planting conference in Orlando, FL, Ann Ferris joined me for dinner and a dance at Perimeter for our CHEER homeschool group (about 200 families). We learned the Waltz and Swing (adding to the Charleston that we learned last summer). Here are some pictures of the evening….