Princess Sarah Wynn

This past Wednesday, Kristy took Sarah Wynn with her to "The Homeschool Hangout" bookstore. Sarah Wynn loves playing with the puzzles and looking at the children's books. This week, she wanted to go as "Princess Sarah Wynn," with dress, gloves, red shoes and all. Here she is by and in her "carriage."

Easter Sunday: Worship, Picnics, Kites, Bubbles, Eggs, Etc.

Today, after an awesome, awesome morning of gathered worship at Perimeter, we joined several families for a picnic, kite fly (it was a world class kite day!) and easter egg hunt in the city part of Alpharetta, GA (a northern suburb of Atlanta). Here are some highlights.Sarah Wynn counts her egg collection. Sarah Wynn and … Continue reading Easter Sunday: Worship, Picnics, Kites, Bubbles, Eggs, Etc.


Today I took Ann Ferris and Schaeffer for an orthodontist consultation. Ann Ferris is ready, and will get braces in the next few months. Schaeffer is still a year or two away. You can make out your checks to "The Caston Braces Fund." Unfortunately, gifts are not tax-deductible. :0)

19 Deer

Recently we saw 19 deer (15 doe and 4 bucks) in the next door neighbor's backyard eating the feed he puts out. The video doesn't do the scene justice (for you can only see about half the deer), but you'll get the idea. This was filmed from our bedroom window.