New Snake Molts

We captured another, larger snake (a grey snake about a foot long) last week. We're not sure what kind it is, but it just molted. Below are pictures just after the capture (I'm holding it on a stick after Schaeffer discovered it under a rock). The bottom pic is Schaeffer holding the shed skin.

Back to Mississippi, Part 4: Ancestors

On Saturday afternoon of our "Back to Mississippi" trip last weekend, we toured two old cemeteries and discovered our children's great-great and great-great-great grandparents. I'm sure we would find more "greats" if we knew where to look. Kristy's family goes way, way back in the Benton/Midway (near Yazoo City) community. The bottom picture is a … Continue reading Back to Mississippi, Part 4: Ancestors

Back to Mississippi, Part 3: Family

On Saturday of our "Back to Mississippi" trip, we gathered at "Mamaw and Papaw's" house (Kristy's maternal grandparents) in the country (Midway, MS) for a family get-together/fish-fry to celebrate several birthdays all at once. It doubled as a mini-family reunion. Here are some highlights.Mamaw and Papaw's children, and most of their grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Some … Continue reading Back to Mississippi, Part 3: Family

Back to Mississippi, Part 1: SW’s 1st Haircut

This past weekend we departed Georgia and traveled back to see family and friends in Mississippi. So much happened that I am going to devote a number of "parts" to the experience. "Part 1" is Sarah Wynn's first haircut (including a manicure and pedicure!) which she received late Thursday afternoon in Ridgeland, MS, at her … Continue reading Back to Mississippi, Part 1: SW’s 1st Haircut

Steve Irwin’s Legacy Lives On

Steve Irwin's legacy lives on. Schaeffer, the consummate animal/reptile/insect/living thing lover, found another snake under a rock in the backyard last week.He is not handling the big ones yet, but still good form. Schaeffer's new little friend. Doing a demonstration for his little sister, who had been riding her bike before more exciting events began … Continue reading Steve Irwin’s Legacy Lives On

End of Year Awards Banquet

Last Friday, after our Six Flags expedition, we attended the C.H.E.E.R. (an acrostic for something like Christian Home Educator...) home-school awards banquet with covered dish supper. Here are some highlights.Nice crowd. That's Sarah Wynn next to Kristy in the foreground. On stage reciting memory verses and singing. The dads presented the awards to their own … Continue reading End of Year Awards Banquet

Family Putt-Putt

The owners of the home we rent built a four-hole putting green in the backyard. Last night we had a family putt-putt competition. Since my putter is out of service, we got creative and used a 4-iron and a tennis ball. Kristy was the only one to get a hole-in-one. You go girl!