Fun in the Sun

Last week we spent the afternoon with the Blounts at their pool in Laurel Springs. The highlight was making our own flavored shaved ice. Tomorrow is Kristy’s 20 year high school reunion. Looking forward to posting some really fun pics of that event! :0)

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Sunday Reflection

It is dark, and I’m sitting on our screened porch under the overhead fan. A side lamp provides shadowy light while listening to the cicadas, tree frogs and other night creatures hum their evening song. This is a good place to reflect… while Kristy prepares for her algebra class in the den! Yesterday was Saturday, […]

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Around the World in 80 Days

By popular demand, we had another family movie night. The film: Around the World in 80 Days (Best Picture, 1956, among four other Academy Awards). That is one long movie- a 3 hour epic (and according the Ann Ferris, a really good book!). Anyway, around 10:45 I called a time-out, and sent the kids to […]

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