The Last… Breakfast?

Last Wednesday, Ann Ferris enjoyed her "last breakfast" (of doughnuts, waffles and strawberries... AFC's "special request" menu) before going to the orthodontist for braces. In the midst of the celebration, Sarah Wynn declared it her 4th birthday (again). Check out the #4 candle in her do-nut! :0)  I'll post AFC with braces next (yes, this … Continue reading The Last… Breakfast?

Soccer, Tennis and SEC Football

Schaeffer's soccer team, the Red Rangers, played a great game against a tough team. This week we made huge strides forward, and Schaeffer scored a GREAT penalty kick—a strong, well placed kick. Way to go, Little Buddy! After the game, the family ate lunch at home, then the girls went out shopping while the guys … Continue reading Soccer, Tennis and SEC Football