Archive Monthly Archives: September 2008

Anniversary of Accident

Yesterday was the one year anniversary of Sarah Wynn’s accident, when she was hit in the face (under the right eye) with a bat at a church picnic and had to be rushed to the hospital for stitches. We only had been in Atlanta for a week at the time and it was my first “official” Sunday at Perimeter. It makes me a bit ill to think about it even as I write this—thinking about the fresh, bleeding gash in my 3-year-old daughter’s face… But it could have been worse (she easily could have been blinded). And since it is part of God’s sovereign plan for her and us, we can accept it and be thankful that our trials, pain and suffering is not without purpose. After all, the cross teaches us that God uses the deepest suffering to accomplish the greatest good. To be honest, it’s hard to really believe that in the fog. I had lots of questions last year. But God is good and gracious, and can handle our questions and doubts. Sometimes I find myself praying that familiar, if even strained prayer, “Jesus, I believe, help my unbelief…”

Also, today Ann Ferris got her braces! I’ll be posting pictures shortly. :0)