Pleasing Jesus by Believing Jesus

What if I believed that I really am totally, unreservedly, completely, and eternally forgiven… and more than that, that I have been declared righteous? What if I believed that no performance, ritual, or duty could increase my perfect standing as a fully-loved child of the Fathter? What if I could rest in my sonship with God, and just be. The Scripture says, “Be still and know that I am God.” Yes. And I think it also is good to be still and know that I am his. I have been adopted by the King, and will receive an inheritance beyond my wildest dreams. Furthermore, I cannot be more loved for my well-doing, or less loved for my ill-doing. That is why my being his his must dominate my mind and heart. For it is only in knowing who I am as an object of God’s grace, mercy and love, that will have a deep, lasting, and positive affect on my doing. 

In 1667, Marjory Kempe of Lynn, MA, believed that she had received a prophetic word from Jesus, who apparently said,

“More pleasing to me than all your prayers and works… is that you would believe that I love you.”

Whatever I or others might think about her claim, the question remains: What if I really believed that? The cross is whispering those words to me today. And so let me be still for a while so that I can hear and believe.

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