Freshly Sane

This just in from my friend, Dave McCarty."How can I tell when I'm indifferent to Jesus? When I don't like dependency, weakness, feeling helpless, embarrassed. When my flesh vibrates to strong, together, confident. When I begin to obsess over my next car, vacation, purchase, or ministry strategy. Because, deep down, I evidently believe that something … Continue reading Freshly Sane

Twin Lakes

Last week I attended Twin Lakes Fellowship (at Twin Lakes Conference Center) in Florence, MS, just south of Jackson. It was a good time to see some old friends and make new ones. Here are two pictures, one from the front of the meeting room and the other from the rear.

Grace and Godliness: Do Not Fear the Judaizers

In his book, The Cross Centered Life, C.J. Mahaney says that there are three ways that my heart gets drawn away from having the gospel/cross central in my life: legalism, condemnation and subjectivism.Legalism is basing my relationship with God on my performance.Condemnation is being more focused on my sin than on God's grace.Subjectivism is basing … Continue reading Grace and Godliness: Do Not Fear the Judaizers

Peacemakers Breathe Grace

I am preparing a lesson for tomorrow on conflict and peacemaking, and came across a quote by Ken Sande that I really like. He says, "Peacemakers are people who breathe grace." Unless the gospel is oxygenating my spiritual bloodstream, I am in no condition to get the log out of my own eye.