John 5:9b-30, “Religion Keeps Me From Jesus”

Some people (like me!) are so rule-oriented (religious) that they miss the grace of Jesus (vv. 9b-18)Jesus was sent from the Father to reveal the Father's life-giving love and grace (vv. 19-26)There will be a judgment of all people (vv. 27-30)Only those who have the imputed/credited goodness of Jesus to them will be justifiedMy only … Continue reading John 5:9b-30, “Religion Keeps Me From Jesus”

John 4:27-42, “Becoming a Bringer”

Jesus shatters socio-cultural, religious prejudices (v.27)The biggest sinners make the best "bringer-evangelists" (vv. 28-30, 39-41)Jesus teaches about an evangelistic harvest that is ready for those who are prepared to participate (vv. 31-38)The goal of testimony is not merely intellectual ascent, but rather experiential, personal faith in the SAVIOR of people from "EVERY nation, tribe, people … Continue reading John 4:27-42, “Becoming a Bringer”