Off-Line for Two Weeks

Hello friends and family, I will be “off-line” for about two weeks, but will resume blogging in early July.

Off-Line for Two Weeks

Hello friends and family, I will be “off-line” for about two weeks, but will resume blogging in early July.

Sarah Wynn’s History Cards

I took this picture with my phone, so it is a bit blurry. Nevertheless, it is a photo of Sarah Wynn organizing her history cards on the den floor. She LOVES school! 🙂

Advice for Church Planters Like Me

Our monthly meeting of church planters and coaches met on Tuesday at the usual spot—Christ Church in Buckhead. Tom Wood spoke about what he wished he had known before church planting. Here are a few nuggets from his talk that I’ve put in my own words. Pray. Pray. Pray. Live as if I have nothing…

Growing Pains

A bit more today from Paul Miller’s book, A Praying Life: When we are in the middle of the desert, we feel like God is absent. We long for god to show himself clearly, to make sense of the mess… When God seems silent and our prayers go unanswered, the overwhelming temptation is to leave…

“Up” in Digital 3D for Date Night

After enjoying dinner with the kids, Kristy and I went to see the movie Up.  The Digital 3D was UNREAL. Wow!  I kept taking my 3D glasses off and on to note the difference, which was dramatic. An entirely new moviegoing experience.

Living in the Desert

I am still readying (slowly) Paul Miller’s book, A Praying Life. Today he wrote about living in “the desert.”  Here are some of his helpful thoughts: People of faith live in the desert. Like Abraham, they are aware of the reality of their circumstances, but are fixed on hope. A desert can be almost anything….

Violin Lesson and Celtic Dance

Yesterday Ann Ferris had her first Celtic dance lesson while Sarah Wynn took her first official violin lesson. She got up this morning and started practicing her first song, “Peperoni Pizza.” : ) Today Schaeffer has his weekly tennis lesson.

In Me Before Through Me

Today I attended the monthly meeting of the NCN (New Church Network) at our usual gathering place in Buckhead. One of the guys in attendance was a church planter from the Camden Town section of London. Things are slow and hard there.  As we prayed for him, he said something profound. Something I need to…

Sarah Wynn Gets Five Shots

Sarah Wynn got five immunization shots today. Afterward, I took her to Chick Fil A for some “comfort food,” and to play on the playground. : ) She was really sore this afternoon, but got distracted when Schaeffer came home with MarioCart for the Wii.  He bought it with a gift certificate for the entire…

Prayer Changes… Me

In A Praying Life, Paul Miller says, “God wants to do something bigger than simply answer my prayers. The act of praying draws God into my life and begins to change me…. I often find that when God doesn’t answer a prayer [in the affirmative], he wants to expose something in me.”

Where is My Rope?

Today I closed the sermon at East Lanier with a story told by a medical missionary in Africa who performed cateract surgery on a blind man. After the surgery the man could see.  Without saying thank you, he just ran off.  Several days later the man returned holding a rope, and on the end of…