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The Foundation of Spiritual Maturity

Thanks to Jon Huggins for lending me a wonderful book entitiled, Total Church: A Reshaping Around Gospel and Community, by Tim Chester and Steve Timmis, along with their companion volume/workbook, The Gospel-Centered Church. One line this morning that recharged my heart was this: “Union with Christ (ie, full, legal and relational acceptance by God) is not the goal of sprituality; it is the foundation of spirituality.”  In other words, it is not the person who strives to be accepted (justified) who becomes spiritually mature. The person who becomes spiritually mature is the one who believes that he already is fully accepted by grace alone through the imputed righteousness of Jesus alone. So the foundation for growing more mature as a Christian is a continuous confidence in the grace-promises of God in the gospel. Or as the Apostle Peter says, the reason why I do not grow is because I forget that I have been cleansed from my sins (2 Peter 1:9). I believe, help my unbelief.