How an Idea Becomes Reality (Mark Driscoll)

Mark Driscoll, Preaching Pastor at Mars Hill Church, recently wrote an article on turning an idea into reality. I’ve summaried his mental process in some areas and quoted him in others. Thanks, Mark!

1. Begin with Vision

What do we want to accomplish? What is our dream?

2. Develop a Plan

What are the practical steps to seeing the vision a reality? What is my role in the process? What do I need to delegate? What other key leaders will be required to see the plan implemented?

3. Implement the Plan

“The idea has been justified, planned, and approved; it now needs to be launched as a reality. The plan needs to be executed and at this phase, the hard work begins in an effort to build momentum and make the idea a reality.” – Mark Driscoll

4. Manage the Plan

“At this phase, the idea has become a new reality but shortly thereafter the ministry will likely lose momentum as the work becomes routine, the systems that were planned need to be upgraded for efficiency, and faithful people need to ensure the ministry continues forward and that the devoted people serving do not grow weary or lose heart” – Mark Driscoll

5. Review

“At the six-month and one-year marks of each ministry (as well as other designated times), the leader of that ministry must ensure that accurate and meaningful reviews are conducted to answer the following questions and determine if the ministry should continue, be changed, or cease.” – Mark Driscoll

  1. Have you met your objectives?
  2. Why or why not?
  3. Should this ministry continue?
  4. How can you improve?
  5. What changes must be made?

2 Comments Add yours

  1. mxbx says:

    A bad leader’s list only includes Numbers 4 and 5.

  2. McKay Caston says:

    You’re right. Unfortunately, I’ve been that bad leader. So I’m very thankful for guys like Driscoll. Such simple, but helpful stuff.

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