Creekstone’s Philosophy of Ministry, Pt. 2 (Pervasive Grace)

We want the radical message of grace to be the central theme that permeates everything about the church, from teaching, to worship, to prayer, to life-on-life discipleship, to vocation, to marriage, to parenting, to education, to leadership, to stewardship, to mission, etc.

In order to see this become reality, we continually must distinguish the gospel from religion. Religion says that if I obey and sacrifice, then I will be accepted and blessed. But the gospel tells me that I am accepted and blessed because of the obedience and sacrifice of Jesus. These are two utterly different things. Since the radical grace of the gospel is counterintuitive to the moralistic, religious mind, we must hear the gospel in depth and believe it in depth over and over again.

As a grace-centered church that prizes, pursues and teaches sound, impassioned, reformed orthodoxy, we will emphasize that theological knowledge is not the end, but is a means for knowing God and growing in intimacy with him.

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