“…as Christ Loved the Church”

Every now and then the reality sinks in of my complete failure to love my wife well. I am naturally task oriented, quite unthoughtful of others, and often completely self-absorbed with myself. Yes, I know. Why did she marry me in the first place? Well, our “dark sides” often do not manifest themselves fully until…

Orlando GCA Conference in January

To all of you church planter types out there, I highly recommend GCA training. Good gospel camaraderie and great teaching. Besides, Florida in January… ‘Nuf said. Check out their website for more information.

The Gospel Allows No Well Visits

This afternoon my eldest, who is 14, made an insightful comment. While reading Jane Eyre, she was struck by how outwardly “respectable” and “moral” people appeared, but that, while looking down upon and disdaining the “unrespectable,” they seemed to know very little about grace. The comment that struck me as insightful was when she observed…

Sitting by the Fire

See the full gallery on Posterous The kids and I just got a really nice fire going while Kristy is at the grocery buying food for a special Christmas Eve supper. With a stocked pantry and enough wood split to last us for days- we are set!

Fun Making Gingerbread Houses with Friends

Today, our crew went down for a visit with friends in the suburbs to make gingerbread houses. Definitely made a memory. Be sure to check out all of the stockings over the fireplace! : ) See the full gallery on Posterous

The Two Bossy Parents

This just in from our youngest, who is 5. “I don’t want to be the youngest. That means that one day I’ll be left here by myself with the two bossy parents.” : )