Remembering and Honoring “Mamaw” Luby

Kristy's grandmother, "Mamaw," went to be with Jesus on Tuesday at 84 years old. She was a very special lady. Her husband of 66 years, Tom, told me today, "A better wife cannot be found." And this is after a stroke in 1994 left left Mamaw paralyzed on her right side and unable to speak. … Continue reading Remembering and Honoring “Mamaw” Luby

Four Words

Connect —> Learn —> Grow —> Serve As I think about the community we are calling Creekstone, there are four words that are standing out as vital. In addition to our key values of grace, community and mission is a process for spiritual maturity. It begins with connecting— connecting as a grace-centered, Jesus-worshipping community on mission … Continue reading Four Words

Out of the Pit: God’s Rescue Through Substitution

Last night's Creekstone message on Psalm 40:1-3 described David being rescued from a miry pit of despair. The gospel tells us that we are delivered from the stench and curse of the bog because the Lord took us out and put us on "a rock." A stable, firm, safe place. But there is more. I … Continue reading Out of the Pit: God’s Rescue Through Substitution

Penance is an Insult to Grace

To quote from my friend Jack Miller's book, Repentance: "Penance... is a religious attitude deeply rooted in the human heart which prompts men to attempt to pay for their own sins by their good works and sufferings. Self-justification is the goal of this effort. In practice this means that man always has one more scheme … Continue reading Penance is an Insult to Grace

Socratic Preaching

The "Socratic" method of teaching essentially is the inductive method of study—the art of asking good questions. My preaching historically has been deductive, not Socratic. Typically, I have rounded up a number of points and tried to press them home. However, I'm rethinking my strategy, and considering what it will mean to go way back … Continue reading Socratic Preaching