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Keep Your Eyes Open


It has been so incredibly cool to see people making new friends through Creekstone over the past months. However, when we begin to connect with special friends, it can become difficult to keep our eyes open for new folks. Nevertheless, I want us to be intentionally missional, okay?  Be on the lookout for guests and visitors this (and every) Sunday—not to mention friends, neighbors, etc. during the week. Imagine what it is like to walk into a new place with new people. Let’s not let anyone be invisible, but welcome everyone personally. Let’s keep our eyes open. 

“Hey, great to see you this morning!  Please take a bulletin and get a nametag. We’re all kind of new here, and glad that you were able to make it today.” 

“How did you hear about Creekstone? Do you know anyone else who is connected here?”

“Are you from Dahlonega, or did you drive in from out of town?”

“Let me show you where the nursery is.”

“We have plenty of coffee and snacks. Let me show you where they are.” 

“___________, let me introduce you to, ____________. She also has family in Florida.”

Okay, these are shallow, entry level personal connection statements. But I think you get the idea. There are 10,000 ways to make someone feel welcome and special. Someone did it for us, so let’s pass on the love!

And if you and a group are planning to get together for lunch after the service. Consider asking someone new to join you. Hey, let me know, and my crew will plan to join you as well. 🙂


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