The Meaning of Faith

Yesterday, during the twice monthly phone discipleship meeting that Kristy and I have with our mentor, we discussed the meaning of faith.  When we boiled it down, we discovered that faith essentially is a mechanism that receives—a conduit, or feeding tube, of sorts through which the riches of God's grace in the gospel flow to us who … Continue reading The Meaning of Faith

When the Gospel Goes Viral

We've all seen YouTube videos that have gone viral. They get forwarded and forwarded and forwarded, until literally millions of people have seen the video. We are praying that the gospel goes viral in Dahlonega and Lumpkin County. One way that will happen is when people who have been deeply affected by the gospel begin … Continue reading When the Gospel Goes Viral

K-Group Update (4 groups instead of 3)

After further reflection, we think that there are actually four demographic groups at Creekstone through which we want to do community and mission. Due to our growing numbers, we thought it might be a good idea to create four K-Groups, rather than three. Here is what we are thinking. The Veritas K-Group – Young adults and marrieds … Continue reading K-Group Update (4 groups instead of 3)