200 Proof Grace

“The Reformation was a time when men went blind, staggering drunk because they had discovered, in the dusty basement of late medievalism, a whole cellarful of fifteen-hundred-year-old, two hundred proof grace— one sip of which would convince anyone that God saves us single-handedly.”    Robert Farrar Capon, Between Noon and Three (San Francisco: Harper and…

October 31 and Radical Grace

October 31 is one of the most historic days in human history, and surprising to many, it has nothing to do with costumes or candy. On this day in 1517, Dr. Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses to the door of the University chapel in Wittenberg, Germany. In this thesis, he challenged the Church’s sale…

The Great Sin

In his classic, Mere Christianity, C.S. Lewis talks about The Great Sin. Concerning this sin, he says, “the more we have it ourselves, the more we dislike it in others.” What is this great, ultimate, most devastating of all sins? Pride, or self-conceit. Lewis goes on: Pride leads to every other vice: it is the complete anti-God…

Riding Horses at the Weaver’s Farm (Photos)

The crew enjoyed some horseback riding on Sunday while picking up a new puppy (a Poogle named Duncan – the dog in Ann Ferris’ lap) from our friends, the Weavers, who live just outside of Dahlonega.  See the full gallery on Posterous

Run the Race Set Before You

“I have finished the race.”  Paul in 2 Timothy 4:7 Yep. I really did finish the Murfreesboro Half Marathon a couple of weeks ago. Here is the evidence. 🙂  Looking forward to the XTERRA 15K/9.3 mile trial race in Roswell in two Saturdays.

Baptism: A Bridge Over Troubled Water

Here is a lecture that I presented to a group of college guys in the spring of 2010. If you have struggled with baptism or have questions, check this out. If more questions are raised, then let me know. I’d love to work through the issues with you.  

Playing on the Same Team

Have you ever seen two coaches or players on the sideline have a disagreement that turns loud, and then into a fist fight. It’s ugly. When did they forget that they are on the same team, and that a “house divided” can’t stand? I believe the enemy wants to get a foot in the door…

Stop It!

In preparing for our men’s DiG Group this week, I recalled one of my favorite skits. Here, Bob Newhart gives a common remedy for our problems with sin and funkiness. If only it were so easy! This is a classic. via youtube.com

Moving from Virtue to Grace

“Christianity is not a move from vice to virtue, but a move from virtue to grace.” ~ Gerhard Fredie Chew on that a while.  It goes with some choice quotes from Becky Long’s article, “A Perfect Mess” (which is a reading assignment in our DiG Group study). “I was a Christian, but I lived under…

The Gift of Encouragement

On Sunday mornings at Creekstone we have folks fill out a “Keeping in Touch” form. It’s got a place for contact information, how folks heard about the church, groups to get in, ways to serve, and a section for comments and prayer requests. I have been in contexts where, if someone were to make a…