Cyber Monday & The Bronze Serpent – 25% Off

Today is Cyber Monday at, where they are offering my book, The Bronze Serpent, for 25% off until 11:59 p.m. PST. Just go to the site and search The Bronze Serpent, or McKay Caston. Then enter the code: MONDAY305 for your 25% discount!  If you have Amazon Prime, you may order it at…

Advent #1: Trusting God’s Plan • Luke 2:1-7

Here is this morning’s Creekstone message. If you have ever asked, “Why God? Why me? Why now? Why this?” then this message is for you.  If you prefer, you may listen or download here on the Creekstone audio page or on iTunes (just search Creekstone Church).

Thoughts on a Comeback

Today Auburn pulled off what most have to admit was a remarkable comeback victory over Alabama. Down 24-0 in the second quarter, the Tigers walked away with a 28-27 win. Here are some reflections on how that game reveals a lot about the rest of life. When things look impossible, they aren’t. Stick to what…

Thanksgiving Photos 2010 (Benton and Midway, MS)

This Thanksgiving we enjoyed time with family in Benton, MS, and at Papaw Luby’s homeplace in Midway, MS. The four-wheelers obviously were a huge hit, and Ann Ferris learned to drive a stick-shift (my old ’91 Trooper!) in the pasture.  The spread was pretty impressive as well. A great day. See the full gallery on…

Thanksgiving Verses 2010

I thought that this year I would have a few theme verses that represent why I am thankful. Since thankfulness is expressed to those who have served or blessed, I want to express gratitude to Jesus for rescuing me from the eternal consequences of my sin. He was condemned in my place. Now, I am…

Turkey Bowl 2010 (Photos)

Here are some pics from Schaeffer’s team at the Youth Football Turkey Bowl in Winder, GA, this weekend. In the face of stiff competition tournament teams, they went 2-2, and earned 4th place overall. Way to go, Indians!  (Schaeffer is jersey #1) See the full gallery on Posterous

My Letter to Creekstone This Week (11/19/10)

Hello Creekstone friends, Did you know that if you are a Christian, you are not a civilian. What? Curious? Find out more this Sunday as we complete our fall series in Ephesians and look forward to a special Advent series, which will begin next Sunday and take us through Christmas. By the way, would you…

Gospel and Culture Collide

This took place a few weeks ago at Macy’s in Philadelphia. Wish I could have been there! Gospel and culture. Faith and life. Truth and the marketplace. Glorious. HT to Jim and Janet Keane.  via

A Dream Run

A dream run in the Patagonia region of Chile. Gotta put this on my to do list. 🙂