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Get Ready for the City!

Hello Creekstone folks. Get ready for the launch of the City, a tool which we think is going to serve us really well. It will be a way to communicate on a large scale, within groups (without having to send mass emails) and individually. Not only will we be able to keep in touch between Sundays, but we also will be able to share and meet practical needs, announce events, follow a plan for spiritual growth, post job needs, as well as things to sell or give away. Yes, it is “online” and electronic, which to some could seem impersonal (like Facebook, where most of our “friends” are not really friends). But the City is only a means to an end—not an end in itself, nor our only form of connection. In the old days, folks used letters, or the telegraph… or even a phone. Today we use texting and email. So let’s harness the common technology of the day and use this medium called the City ( as a tool to facilitate relationships within the community, providing us with ways to know and care for one another as we facilitate an Acts 2 kind of fellowship.


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