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Thoughts on a Comeback

Today Auburn pulled off what most have to admit was a remarkable comeback victory over Alabama. Down 24-0 in the second quarter, the Tigers walked away with a 28-27 win. Here are some reflections on how that game reveals a lot about the rest of life.

  1. When things look impossible, they aren’t.
  2. Stick to what you do best. Don’t play someone else’s game.
  3. Don’t panic, and don’t give up.
  4. Setbacks are part of the game.
  5. It helps to have a hero.
  6. The best is yet to come.

Right now, I’m watching the Oregon Ducks play Arizona. Oregon is the team that Auburn likely will play if they defeat South Carolina next week in the SEC Championship game in Hotlanta. Oregon isn’t in the SEC, but man, they look really, really good. Just for the sake of watching some good football, I’d love to see an Auburn and Oregon National Championship game.  Actually, I would like to see an Ole Miss versus anybody National Championship game. But that is unlikely in my lifetime. Maybe in my dreams. Good night. 🙂