Functional Universalism?

via Thanks to Matt Stephenson for sharing this video of David Platt (originally viewed at discussing the dangerously sad potential for orthodox, Bible-believing Christians to be “functional universalists.” The implications are profound.

Why Me?

This week on American Idol, Casey Abrams, who is a favorite among the judges, was eliminated before he made it to the top ten. The procedure for those who receive the least number of votes that week is to sing one last time before the judges, hoping that they will use their “save” to keep the contestant…

Lenten Service & Luncheon Information

Creekstone is sponsoring the Community Lenten Service & Luncheon on Tuesday, April 5, at Dahlonega Baptist Church. Our worship team will be leading the music, I will be speaking, and we all will be providing the meal. We would love for everyone who is able to attend. However, we also need folks to help with…

Cousins Visit Dahlonega

Last weekend, Nini brought cousins from Mississippi to visit us in Dahlonega.  Here are some photos to prove it. See the full gallery on Posterous