Will You Join the Movement?

This past Sunday I delivered a message from 1 Peter 2:1-12 entitled, "The Gospel Counter-Culture." After working through that passage in my study, I became convinced that the concept of counter culture is exactly what I want Creekstone to be collectively, and for each of us to be individually—a community of people who are defined … Continue reading Will You Join the Movement?

‘Tis So Sweet to be a Clueless Sheep

I received an email yesterday from friend, Dave McCarty. Using the Shepherd and sheep analogy that Scripture draws between Jesus and the believer, he said:  "Tis so sweet to be a clueless sheep. Asking about everything, thanking about everything. Curious and expectant to see what the Shepherd will do next—which doors He’ll open and which He’ll … Continue reading ‘Tis So Sweet to be a Clueless Sheep