‘Tis So Sweet to be a Clueless Sheep

I received an email yesterday from friend, Dave McCarty. Using the Shepherd and sheep analogy that Scripture draws between Jesus and the believer, he said:  "Tis so sweet to be a clueless sheep. Asking about everything, thanking about everything. Curious and expectant to see what the Shepherd will do next—which doors He’ll open and which He’ll … Continue reading ‘Tis So Sweet to be a Clueless Sheep

The Gospel Counter-Culture • 1 Peter 2:1-12

If you were providentially hindered from attending today (5.22.11), will you please listen to this week's message below? This is one of those, "I really want everyone to hear this" messages—a message that defines what I want Creekstone to be for Dahlonega, our region and the world. If you plan on being part of the gospel … Continue reading The Gospel Counter-Culture • 1 Peter 2:1-12

Ten Tips for Post-Modern Preaching

Yesterday at the ATL Church Planting Network's monthly gathering, Bob Cargo and Shane Wheeler provided the training segment, focusing on gospel-centered preaching in a post-modern context. Here are ten tips that I gleaned from their helpful presentation. We must exegete both the text and our culture. Continually distinguish the gospel from religion. Always be reading … Continue reading Ten Tips for Post-Modern Preaching