Sermon notes for Sunday’s Message (12.23.12)

DETOUR #4: When Life Doesn’t Go As Planned • An Unexpected Journey

In The Hobbit, Gandalf tells Bilbo Baggins that he may not return from his unexpected journey, but that if he does, the hobbit will not be the same. Unexpected journeys, adventures, change us.  In our passage, we witness an unexpected journey. The journey changes them and the journey will change us —> Luke 2:8-20


What can we learn from their journey?

  1. God has a __________________ for us.
  2.  __________________ is the foundation of faith. 
  3. The astonishing truth of the gospel is something that must be __________________.
  4. But in order to really “get it,” our journey must not only be to the cradle, but to the __________________.

The first recorded instance of a man “walking the plank” is from 1769, mutineer George Wood confessed to his chaplain at Newgate Prison that he and his fellow mutineers had sent their officers to walk the plank. Mutiny was serious and needed a serious deterrent. Punishment for mutiny or treason on the seas was execution: being shot was bad, but walking the plant was horrific.  __________________ walked the plank in my place.   

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