What Kind of Church Would You Drive an Hour to Attend?

“What kind of church would I drive an hour to attend?” This is the question that haunted me today as I drove down GA 400 to attend a church in Roswell, about 45 miles south of Dahlonega. The Sunday after Christmas Day is one of my stated “Sunday’s off” from preaching at Creekstone and I usually like to be a “first time” attender somewhere. Today it was Roswell Community Church. I do have friends there, but just a few. And RCC is a mobile church like Creekstone (we both meet in schools). So, there was a lot I was looking forward to: being a somewhat anonymous church vistor and scoping out how they “do it” (the mobile thing). 

Roswell Community Church is doing a lot right. Friendly. Good coffee. Vibrant children’s ministry. A genuine sense of community. Did I say good coffee? Spirit-filled, gospel-centered music. And best of all, a distincitively grace-driven/Jesus-focused message that fueled my mind and stirred my heart. I was richly blessed. 

As I drove down 400 and then back up, I kept asking myself, “What kind of church would I drive an hour to attend?” (Knowing that the church isn’t a building or a worship service, but a community.) There is a lot of what I’d drive that far for at Roswell Community Church for sure. I want Creekstone to be that kind of church—that kind of community. I want what God is doing among us to be irresistible and compelling. 

So, what do you think? What kind of church would you drive an hour to attend? What are some characteristics? What is the essential characteristic? Is there something so rare about that church that you’d do anything to experience it? To just be there. Describe that church in as much detail as you’d like in the comment section below.

Thanks for the input! 

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