The Baptism with the Holy Spirit

This past Sunday in a message focued on being fueled (filled) with spiritual power as gospel/grace revolutionaries, we discussed the baptism with the Holy Spirit. Here is a introduction to the subject: Water baptism is the shadow of Spirit baptism’s reality.  Water baptism symbolizes the promise of God. Spirit baptism seals the promise of God: […]

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Starting a New Life Today

Roger Garaudy made a stunning comment about Jesus, considering that he was a communist philosopher who eventually converted to Islam.  “I do not know much about this man, but I do know that his whole life conveys the one message: ‘anyone at any moment can start a new life.’” That is true. When folks encountered […]

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“Fueled for the Mission” • Acts 1:4-11 (audio sermon)

This is message #2 is Creekstone’s new series in Acts, The Revolution. In this message, we learn what it means to be fueled for the mission as gospel revolutionaries.  Revolution_Fueled_for_the_Mission_•_Acts_1_4-11.mp3 Listen on Posterous Acts 1:4-11 • “Fueled for the Mission”   Message introduction. Yesterday, when I got in the car to go run some errands, that […]

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An Outline of the Book of Acts

Outline taken From the ESV Study Bible Preparation for Witness (1:1–2:13) Jesus prepares the disciples (1:1–5) Jesus ascends (1:6–11) Matthias replaces Judas (1:12–26) The Spirit descends at Pentecost (2:1–13) The Witness in Jerusalem (2:14–5:42) Peter preaches at Pentecost (2:14–41) The Christian community shares a life in common (2:42–47) Peter heals a lame man (3:1–10) Peter preaches […]

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