Physical Health, Spiritual Health and a Discipleship Clinic

Today, I had my annual health screening at Perimeter. Hopefully, I passed.

But it wasn’t my only health appointment. The first was physical, but the second was spiritual. After all, nobody needs the gospel more in a church than the lead pastor. So, in 2013, Kristy and I are continuing to act on that belief by meeting bi-weekly with Terry Mitchell, a counselor/spiritual director with Soul Care in Roswell. Today was only our second meeting with Terry, but we are seeing that through his ministry, we are going to have a significant opportunity to apply the gospel in-depth to our own hearts. My prayer is that by pursuing my own spiritual, marital and family health, I will be equipped to lead Creekstone down the same path of ongoing gospel renewal… because grace changes everything.

To top off the day, Kristy and I joined Andy and Melisa Woznicki for Session 1 of Perimeter’s Life-On-Life Discipleship Clinic (after dinner at Jason’s Deli!). And what a blessing it was to meet with folks from all over the world who are committed to investing in the lives of others with the transforming power of God’s grace in Jesus. It was an encouraging evening listening to Randy Pope cast the vision, Charles Hooper lay out the philosophy of the clinic, as well as hearing from men from Brazil, India, China, Kazakhstan, etc. tell about God’s work in reaching the nations through discipleship.

Here is a nugget of what we learned from Randy:

For discipleship to be effective in the local church, we must be intentional about 3 things:

  1. Making disciples (leading folks from unbelief to belief) • the need for an evangelism plan
  2. Training disciples (leading folks from belief to maturity) • the need for a training/equipping plan
  3. Developing leaders (leading folks from maturity to leadership) • the need for a leadership plan

Tomorrow we will be learning about Jesus’ heart for discipleship as well as his method. Can’t wait!

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