New Family Devotional

ImageWe came across this simple, biblical, gospel-centered, Jesus-focused devotional recently and are using it individually and as a family. Here is what we’re doing.

1. In the morning, everyone reads the short devotion and Scripture and prays over the theme privately.

2. In the evening, whether at dinner or before bed, we are gathering back together to re-read the devotion and passage. At this time, I will ask, “What did you think about that reading? How did it make you feel? What word stuck out to you? What do you think the Lord wants you to do with it?” Each of us get to respond to how the Lord spoke to us through his Word and by His Spirit.

This devotion is super simple. But it through its simplicity that it becomes such a helpful tool for discipling children in what it is like to use a devotional medium as a way to connect with God in prayer. It also emphasizes that being a disciple of Jesus is essentially relational, as we learn how walk with God as our Abba, Father with a childlike faith in the deep bedrock of biblical truth.

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