The Supreme Work of the Preacher

554475_3886493121230_881647546_nPreaching Rocket is a ministry that is designed to help preachers fulfill their primary task, which is… preaching! I recently was deeply encouraged and highly motivated by some correspondence from the Preaching Rocket folks. I was reminded of what John Calvin said in 1536 about the work of preachers: “Their whole task is limited to the ministry of God’s Word. Their whole wisdom to the knowledge of his Word. Ttheir whole eloquence, to its proclamation.”

They reminded me that the 19th century pastor and professor, John Broadus (who Charles Spurgeon claimed was “the greatest of living preachers” in his day) wrote, “The supreme work of the Christian minister is the work of preaching. This is a day in which one of our great perils is that of doing a thousand little things to the neglect of the one thing, which is preaching [which is large group discipleship, as opposed to one on one and small group discipleship].” Though that was first said in the 1800s, it still rings true today. As Nehemiah said when rebuilding the wall around Jerusalem, “I cannot come down. I am doing an important work.” May I learn with my life what it will mean and look like to say the same when the thousand other things attempt to distract me from the main thing.

This is why the main point of my encouragement today is that tomorrow morning is another opportunity to do what God has called me to do: to fearlessly and with great joy, to glorify God by magnifying his grace in Jesus as I preach the glorious gospel from the Bible. I count it a grace-privilege which I never want to take for granted. Although it is a sunny Saturday outside and I am in my windowless basement study preparing for Sunday, I have no regrets.  I am filled by the labor of love that Jesus exercised for me on the cross and fueled to proclaim it from the stage in the morning as I prepare to engage in the supreme work to which I have been called and equipped.

Oh, how I love Sunday.

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