A Contagious Church, Part 3: Radical Love • Acts 2:44-45

March 3, 2013 • The Contagious Church, Part 3: Racial Love • Acts 2:44-45 (Revolution Series)

Listen here: The Contagious Church, Part 4: Radical Love • Acts 2.44-45

  1. Racial Love Revealed
  2. Radical Love Resisted
  3. Racial Love Recharged


  • Why is the story about the generous police officer so powerful?
  • Share a story about how you were the recipient of someone’s radical love? How did it affect you?
  • Describe the difference between compulsory love and radical love (or forced generosity and voluntary generosity)?
  • Think of several ways that you can express radical love in your circle of influence? What might it cost you? What potential, transformative impact could it have?

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