Joyless or Joyful: What Makes the Difference?

joy in slumsMartyn Lloyd-Jones, reflecting on the unique sense of joy that was exhibited by the early Christians in Jerusalem in Acts 2, says, “I am certain that the world outside is not going to pay much attention to all the organized efforts of the Christian church. The one thing she will pay attention to is a body of people filled with this spirit of rejoicing. That is how Christianity conquered the ancient world. It was [the] amazing joy of these people. Even when you threw them into prison, or even to death… they went on rejoicing.”

This Sunday’s message from Acts 2:46-47a will show us how the experience and expression of true joy really is essential to the mission of the gospel to reach the world with the message of God’s grace. And yet, if you are like me, you tend to be quite joyless. Or, even if we seem to grasp joy for a moment, it seems to vanish so quickly. Why is joy so elusive and what can we do to possess it? Does joy really depend on circumstances, or are they some kind of cheap joy substitute? Has the American Dream deceived us? Why is it that some people are joyful in the context of disaster and/or poverty, while others with so much are joyless? What is the key to real, lasting, satisfying, circumstance transcending, life-changing joy? Join us Sunday to find out!

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