Grace-Motivated Mission

grace image_treeWhen we began Creekstone, there were several core values to which we were and still are committed.
1. Grace-Driven Teaching
2. Grace-Shaped Community
3. Grace-Motivated Mission

Since the message tomorrow is on what it means for every member to be a missionary, in order to prime the pump a bit, I thought I’d post our original vision for outreach at Creekstone Church. Here it is:

1) We will encourage all members to see themselves as missionaries, word and deed ambassadors of the gospel.

2) With that missional mindset, we will emphasize what it means to be “salt and light” in the context of our organic, relational spheres of influence. As Marva Dawn says, “Being Church means following a way of life… Evangelism happens as we go about our daily lives—to work, to the grocery store, to school, to the neighbor’s house for tea—we live the gospel. We speak it freely… We incarnate it. We display a joy in following Jesus and his Way that invites our neighbors to consider the truth of his life in us.”

3) But mission is never merely a personal endeavor. And so as we gather for worship, we desire for the service to be accessible to those who are not Christians. In fact, whoever preaches or teaches will assume there are non-Christians in attendance, and will speak in a way that addresses their questions, fears, and doubts in language that they can understand.

4) As part of this commitment, we will encourage spiritual inquirers to “belong before they believe,” letting them know that they don’t have to change their belief systems or lifestyles to participate in the community as they investigate the claims of the gospel. This is because we recognize that coming to faith is often a process, as is growing in grace as a disciple of Jesus.

5) Therefore, we do not view non-Christians as enemies, but precisely as the people to whom we are called to serve, love and offer the living hope of God’s transforming grace.

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