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Preparing for Communion This Sunday

ImageCommunion, or the Lord’s Supper, is an opportunity for Christ-followers to respond to the gospel by remembering, re-connecting and rejoicing. We remember what Jesus has done for us though his life, death and resurrection. We re-connect our hearts to the truth of the gospel by faith, knowing that God’s grace is not philosophical, but is personal and practical. God’s grace is for me. It is for us. As we believe this, we are filled with the Spirit’s assurance of salvation and equipped by the Spirit for ministry. Also, in light of God’s grace in Jesus, we rejoice by expressing thanks, singing and giving to the mission of the Kingdom so that the advance of the gospel is adequately funded. All of these responses are joy-filled, grace-driven ways we acknowledge the love of God that has been expressed to us through the cross of Jesus, the event that has set us free from fear as objects of the Father’s affection.

Participation in communion is for baptized disciples whose profession of faith has been received by recognized leaders in the church (called pastors, elders, etc.). Children who have not yet had the opportunity to profess faith to the pastor/elders of this or another church are invited to join their parents in line, but are asked to wait until they make their public, formal profession of faith before partaking of the communion elements.

Those who may be under shepherding discipline of a local church will be asked to remain seated. This is a providential opportunity for you to reflect on God’s grace, which leads us to joyful repentance and restoration. For those who are not disciples of Jesus (i.e., professing Christians), we are so glad you will be with us and do not this to be an awkward moment at all! So, in this part of the service as others come forward, please feel free to remain seated and listen to the music being played and/or reflect on the morning’s message. There is never an obligation to come forward. We are just thankful that you are with us for this special Sunday!

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