“An Everybody Church” • Acts 6:1-7 (sermon)

April 28, 2013 - Listen here—> An Everybody Church • Acts 6:1-7 The Big Idea:  “The growing pain remedy is _________________  ministry.” A Listening Guide: Growth problems are _________________ problems. Many hands make any load _________________. A “church plant” provides a unique opportunity for _________________ to get in the game. The result of team/every member … Continue reading “An Everybody Church” • Acts 6:1-7 (sermon)

A Letter to Parents of Children at Creekstone

Dear Parents, These are exciting days at Creekstone, especially in our Children’s Ministry. As the church continues to grow, so do the number of young ones who are being entrusted to our care each Sunday. Recently, we had forty children under nine-years-old playing in the nursery and attending GraceKids. This is a wonderful blessing! However, … Continue reading A Letter to Parents of Children at Creekstone