“The Impossible is Possible” • Acts 3:1-10 (Easter Sermon and Discussion Questions)

March 31, 2013 • The Impossible is Possible • Acts 3.1-10 (Revolution Series)

  • Why do I tend to believe that God helps those who help themselves?
  • What are lame areas in my life where change seems impossible? What are the areas where I feel the most helpless?
  • Jack Miller used to say, “Grace flows downhill.” What are the implications of that statement?
  • What if it were possible for lameness/helplessness to be the doorway into a new life of grace, renewal, hope and healing? How might that be possible? What would that look like for me?
  • Having experienced grace, what new motive will I have to move into the lame areas of others as an agent of grace?

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