Does My Checking Account Contradict My Profession of Faith?

to_what_I_love_dearly._1366163314This Sunday we continue The Revolution series in Acts by looking at chapter 4:32-5:11, a passage that teaches us how my view of and use of money and possessions is a primary indicator of what I love the most. Or as Jesus said, “Where your treasure is, there your heart is also.” What we are going to discover is that my money flows freely to what I love deeply. It is true. Even if we are super-thrifty, we all spend easily on something. When we identify what that something is, we have found our true god. So, I have to ask myself, while giving lip service to loving God, does my checking account contradict my profession of faith? It is a question we all should ask on occasion. Be assured that this is not going to be your typical “giving message.” Yes, it will challenge you. But also, it will encourage you in ways that you may not expect. I think you’ll be really glad you were there to hear this teaching. Few things have the potential to revolutionize our lives like a discussion of money and possessions.

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