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A Letter to Parents of Children at Creekstone

Dear Parents,

These are exciting days at Creekstone, especially in our Children’s Ministry. As the church continues to grow, so do the number of young ones who are being entrusted to our care each Sunday. Recently, we had forty children under nine-years-old playing in the nursery and attending GraceKids. This is a wonderful blessing! However, in order to accommodate such blessing, we are entering a season of construction. Just like a growing family might need to expand their home to accommodate the growth, our children’s ministry is going to go under construction in order to meet the needs of our expanding ministry. What does this mean?

First, we are going to redesign the rooms by creating smaller class sizes. Instead of one nursery room, we will utilize our room divider in order to create a space for babies as well as a separate space for toddlers. This will enable our volunteers to give specific, age appropriate care for each child. Also, in our GraceKids ministry, our goal is to divide into three classes, one class for ages 3-4, one class for ages 5-6 and one for ages 7-8. We think that this will enhance the learning experience for our children and give greater focus for those who lead.

Second, we are going to implement an improved, more efficient drop-off and pick-up procedure for both the Nursery and GraceKids. You will notice these changes in the upcoming weeks. Also, we have installed a baby gate for the doorway in the nursery and soon will have smocks that will identify those serving as official nursery volunteers.

Third, we are going to expand our volunteer base and provide both theological and practical training for both volunteers and parents. With more children, more rooms and more learning opportunities, we need more folks to enable us to fulfill our mission to families at Creekstone, which is to glorify God by helping our children come alive to the wonder of the gospel as we magnify God’s grace in Jesus! Also, we will be providing theological and practical training for our volunteers as well as parents so that those who serve will be effectively equipped for their roles on the team.

Fourth, we want to articulate our philosophy of children’ ministry in a way that is understandable and inspiring. We do not want to create rule keepers, but to cultivate Jesus lovers. Mere rules keepers either become self-righteous Pharisees or disillusioned rebels. The truth is that both abandon the rules when the law giver isn’t watching. However, if our children grow to love Jesus as grace-captivated disciples, then they will be compelled to faithfulness, not by rules, but by a relationship with Jesus—even when we are not looking. Of course, what we do on Sundays is a very small part of our vision to disciple our children as followers of the Savior. We want to equip parents to be the primary, lifestyle disciplers of their children in such a way that following Jesus is not only taught in a classroom but caught through personal example.

If you are not presently serving in our Children’s Ministry, but are interested in joining the team, just sign up on a Get Connected form or contact Dottie Smorey, our Children’s Ministry Coordinator, and she will provide you more information. Dottie’s email is

Thank you for allowing us the privilege of serving you and your children on Sundays. We want Creekstone’s Children’s Ministry to be the very best it can be. Please let us know when you have input or ideas that you think might be helpful.

Because grace changes everything,