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A $300 Million Splurge

The-Card-PlayersWhat would you purchase for $300 million? Whatever it is, that expense would be quite a splurge!

If anyone knows how to splurge, it is the Royal Family of Qatar (a small, but super-wealthy country bordering Saudi Arabia and the Persian Gulf). In April 2011, the Royal Family bought an original oil painting by the French post-impressionist Paul Cezanne, entitled, The Card Players. Cezanne painted the work in the early 1890s and would be stunned beyond imagination to learn that his paining had sold for somewhere between 259-300 million dollars. A lavish expense. Extravagant. The ultimate splurge! Well, not quite.

The ultimate splurge took place almost 2,000 years ago, when God splurged, not on a painting, but on the church, his people. That is what the cross is about. Jesus paid a redemption price of staggering proportions to secure the forgiveness of our sins and our adoption as sons and daughters. A price that cost him his very life.

You see, if our money flows freely to what we love dearly, his blood flowed freely for those whom he loves dearly. This means that I am his treasure! He was willing to pay the greatest price for me! Can you say that? Any of us can look to his death on the cross, believe it and say, “Yes! I, too, am his treasure. He was willing to pay everything I owed to reconcile me to the Father, absolutely debt-free.”

This is what makes me want to splurge on the mission of the kingdom with the resources God has entrusted to me as a steward. In view of the cross, giving becomes a volcanic overflow of grace in response to the overflowing love of God in Jesus.