Leadership Transition Announcement for Music and Technology

Hello Creekstone friends,

As you know, Creekstone has been blessed to have uniquely gifted folks lead our worship and tech ministry.

As you may also know, our Tech Coordinator, Tom Keel, will be moving down 400 later this month so that he and Rachel can be closer to his primary job with Campus Outreach, which is based at Perimeter Church.

Also, Jesse Turk, who has led our music ministry since the beginning (not to mention filling a number of other, unofficial, but key roles), will be transitioning out of his administrative position as Music Coordinator in order to devote his attention to leading up front as a worship leader.

Thankfully, we did not have to search very far for a new coordinator to head up these vitally important ministries. Our own Jay Smorey, who served as our previous Tech Coordinator, has agreed to oversee both music and technology for us, merging both positions into one. With such a breadth of oversight required to fulfill this new position, we will rely more than ever on our team of lead worshipers, musicians and tech folks.

We trust that this re-org of the worship and tech ministry will be a win-win-win for everyone involved in the transition. Tom gets to be closer to work (although we would sabotage it all if we could and will miss Rachel and him big-time!), Jesse gets to focus on leading music on Sundays, and Jay gets to use his considerable musical and technological gifts to their fullest.

Jay’s first Sunday to take the baton will be May 26. He will be in touch with all worship related folks regarding rehearsals and other such information. Providentially, Jesse will be leading up front that Sunday, illustrating a seamless transition and continued teamwork.

If you have the opportunity, please thank all of these guys for the enthusiastic investment that they have made and will continue to make toward the advance of the gospel through Creekstone!

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