Twelve Leadership Values

Yesterday after the morning service, we had our quarterly Leadership Collaborative for those serving in lead roles on Ministry Teams, K-Groups, and other areas of ministry. In addition to generating some great ideas for future ministry, we discussed twelve characteristics that we value in those who lead at Creekstone. Here is a brief survey:

1. Ownership

  • Owns the church’s vision, philosophy of ministry, and particularly the specific ministry in which one serves

2. Availability

  • Devotes the time to do the ministry

3. Loyalty

  • He is “for” others on the team, wants to see them succeed
  • He refuses to gossip / spread a bad report
  • He goes to others directly when problems/conflicts arise

4. Positive attitude

  • Doesn’t turn a blind eye to the negative, but…
  • Seeks the positive to every situation
  • Sees problems as opportunities

5. Initiative

  • Sees what needs to be done and does it

6. Teachability

  • He is willing to receive instruction and correction
  • Knows that he has areas that need improvement

7. Approachability

  • Having a grace framework to his life, he is open to being approached about problems/issues, whether personal or professional
  • Invites critique and in not defensive about it

8. Humility

  • Will speak to and about others as if they are more important to the success of the team than he is
  • He sees new ideas he may propose as ideas (that might not even be the best ideas), not as the only right way to do ministry
  • Willing to consider the new ideas of others

9. A spirit of encouragement toward others

  • Will not criticize without a relationship of encouragement having been established
  • Like parenting

10. Peacemaker

  • Rather than creating division, he seeks to mend broken relationships and heal relational wounds
  • Repents personally and deeply, forgives gladly and completely

11. Skill/Ability

  • Has the ability to do an assigned ministry
  • Or has the ability and is willing to be trained/equipped to do the ministry

12. Sense of humor

  • Knows how to laugh with others and at himself

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