“Facing the Fire” • Acts 7:54-8:4 (sermon)

May 5, 2013 – Listen here —> “Facing the Fire” • Acts 7:54-8:4

Listening Guide:

The Big Idea:  “Persecution is part of the disciple’s job description.”

I.   Stephen’s fire – Acts 7:54
II. Courage for the moment – Acts 7:55-56
III.Prepared to suffer – Acts 7:57-58
IV. The Christ-like disciple – Acts 7:59-60
V.   A sovereign purpose for persecution – Acts 8:1-4

A Challenge: ___________________________________________.

For Discussion:

  • What kinds of fires are you facing now? What kinds do you anticipate in the future?
  • How do we find courage when facing the fire of pressure and persecution?
  • Why is it important to count the cost of discipleship as a follower of Jesus?
  • How can my example of Christ-likeness in persecution influence others?
  • How has God historically used persecution to advance the gospel?
  • What fire did Jesus face and what is the significance of that for us?

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