Am I Out of Touch?

disconnected“I’m so out of touch.” That is my conclusion after talking to my seventeen-year-old daughter about music. But that’s okay. I’m fine with my acoustic folk CDs and classic rock collection from the 70s and 80s. So, I can live with being a bit out of touch with 2013 pop music. I will all be gone by 2014 anyway. 🙂 But what if I am out of touch with the heart of God? And how would I know if I were? In Acts 11, there were folks who assumed they were connected to God, but in reality were terribly disconnected from his heart of grace toward sinners. For some reason, being out of touch and disconnected from God’s heart of grace happens most frequently to those who are “insiders,” and have been in religious contexts the longest. Of course, anyone can be disconnected. Some are disconnected in their pride while others are disconnected in despair. How is a disconnect impacting my life? My family? My children?And what would it look like to be re-connected? What if my heart beat with God’s heart of grace? It can. Find out more on Sunday as the Creekstone community gathers at the Lumpkin County High School. The cafe’ opens at 10:00, with the service beginning at 10:30. Hope to see you there!

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