What is the most crucial moment of every day?

We all face crucial moments where we have to make critical decisions. Some are big, like whom to marry or which major to pursue. Others small, like what to wear or which size latte to order. But what is the most critical decision? What is the moment that will affect every other moment in your…

An Interview with Dr. Johnny Long on Living as Sons and Daughters of God

Johnny serves as World Harvest Mission’s Cross-Cultural Renewal and Leadership Development Specialist and has served in East and West Africa, Madagascar, the UK, and has taught recently in Chile, Spain and the Ivory Coast. In addition to him and his wife, Becky, being Creekstone supported international missionaries, Johnny has been one of the primary influences…

Who You Are vs Who You Can Be

A great, 2-minute parable of transforming grace. Watch this video in the context of God’s fatherhood and consider the statement, “Who you used to be doesn’t have anything to do with who you can become.” In light of the gospel, this is so good. It is the Father who makes us complete in Christ. We…

Motivation for Mission

After John the Baptizer denies being the Christ in John 1, he sees Jesus and tells his disciples, “Look, the Lamb of God.” Next we read, “When the two disciples heard him say this, the followed Jesus.” What a great picture of true discipleship. John gathered men to himself with the purpose of leading them…

Sexual Recovery/Support Group for Spouses

Laurie Boerman, with Access Grace Counseling, will be leading a 16-week recovery group at the Creekstone Offices for those whose spouses are struggling with a sexual addiction. The group begins the first week of September. Cost: $400 for 16 weeks; $200 to be paid 1st group session with the remaining 200 to be paid the…

“FOCUS” Sermon Series Begins This Sunday

Sadly, I know what it is like to live a harried, busy life that lacks focus and purpose. Too often the tail has wagged the dog.  That is why I will be teaching a new, 5-week sermon series beginning THIS SUNDAY, June 30, called Focus: Keeping First Things First. I think this really will help…

Blog Sabbatical

Hello friends, I am taking sabbatical for a couple of weeks, but plan be back up and blogging full-force the week of June 24. Hope to see you then! McKay

21 Years of Grace

Today, Kristy and I are celebrating our 21st wedding anniversary (June 6)—21 years of grace.

Focus on Better, Not Bigger

Years ago during a Chick-Fil-A board meeting, the discussion was about what to do about Boston Chicken (later Boston Market), which had developed an aggressive strategy to become the first ever billion-dollar-in-sales chicken restaurant by the year 2000. The board members were talking about how they, too, needed to get bigger in order to compete….

Come and Get It • Acts 13:42-48 (sermon)

Sunday, June 2, 2013 • Listen here —> Come and Get It • Acts 13:42-48 Main idea: Spiritual health requires spiritual nourishment. If we want to grow in faith and fruitfulness, we need ongoing, consistent, truth-saturated, grace-flavored teaching. We need to hear the gospel over and over and over. Listening guide: A famished congregation (vv….