Four Ways to Pray for Yourself, Spouse and Children

prayerIn John 17, Jesus prays for his disciples. If he prayed for us in a certain way, then it probably is a good model to use in praying for ourselves, our spouses, children, churches, K-Groups, D-Groups, etc. In verses 6-19, Jesus prays four things that serve as a helpful framework for intercessory prayer:

  1. A prayer to know the Father (not just to know about him)
  2. A prayer for the fullness of his joy within us (a genuine, observable joy that is not dependent on things outside, but God’s Spirit dwelling inside—a joy that comes from knowing who I am in Jesus as a justified, adopted, treasured, forgiven, eternally loved son)
  3. A prayer for sanctification (change that takes place as the result of our faith-union with Jesus as the Spirit produces his fruit in and through us)
  4. A prayer for protection from the evil one (if we really know the Father, experience genuine joy and begin to begin to manifest the fruit of the Spirit in practical, real ways, there will be opposition and we will need protection)

For the next week, consider letting these four prayers prime the pump in your conversations with the Father.

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