What is the most crucial moment of every day?

We all face crucial moments where we have to make critical decisions. Some are big, like whom to marry or which major to pursue. Others small, like what to wear or which size latte to order. But what is the most critical decision? What is the moment that will affect every other moment in your day?

What if you could recognize that moment and knew what to do in it? Can you imagine the practical difference that could make in your life? What if you could wake up and live your day with a sense of peace and focus rather than stress and anxiety? That is what we’ll talk about on Sunday as we begin a new, 5-part summer sermon series entitled, FOCUS: Keeping First Things First.

Here is the plan…
June 30 – The Most Critical Moment of Every Day (Focusing My Heart)
July 7 – How to Fulfill Your Unique Calling (Focusing My Gifts)
July 14 – Special Speaker, Alan Foster
July 21- Creative Ways to Prioritize Your Primary Relationships (Focusing My Relationships)
July 28 – How to Best Invest Your Time (Focusing My Time)
Aug 4 – How to Really “Live for Jesus” (Focusing My Motives)

I hope to see you Sunday!

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