A Special Request

Hello Creekstone friends,
As you know, we will be offering two services for six weeks starting Sunday, August 18. However, double services require double the volunteers, especially in our growing nursery. So, yes, this is a personal request for the Creekstone family (especially single females, retired folks and husband and wife teams) to help out occasionally as nursery volunteers.

The nursery is not only a ministry to children, but also to the parents who otherwise would find it challenging to attend a service together. The goal is to have such an army of folks serving that each is assigned one service per month (and with two services, you would not have to miss attending a service, since you could serve during one and attend the other!).

If you are willing and able to serve (even if just during the season of two services), just reply to this email and I will forward your interest to Dottie Smorey, our Coordinator of Nursery and Children’s Ministries. If you have questions or would like to communicate with Dottie directly, please feel free to contact her at creekstonechildrensministry@gmail.com.

Thank you so much for considering this volunteer need.

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